Im saying “No” so that I can Say “Yes” to her.

I am learning to say “No” to invitations that take me away from her. Im learning to say “No” to situations that will only bring anxiety and stress to my life. Im teaching myself that its okay to stay home. Its okay if you say “No” to all of the extra stuff, especially around the chaos of the holidays in order to say “yes” to being there for my daughter. 

This means I’ll miss out on activities and events that I may have loved attending. I wont be there for everyone in my life the same way that I was before her. That means my name may start to disappear from invite lists. But that is okay. Life doesn’t stay the same. You grow. You move. You get married. You change jobs. You have kids. You change, hopefully for the better. Right now my job, my priority, my INCREDIBLE privilege and blessing is saying “Yes” to my family and my daughter and my mental health. 

I worked hard to bring this tiny little human into the world. Im going to give her EVERYTHING I possibly can, and especially in this season of life I want that to be the best of me. Not the leftovers. I LOVE YOU sweet girl

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