They Is My Family.

We have not done much of anything with friends and family since the end of February. We managed to sneak a San Antonio trip in the middle of February and as soon as we got home we started quarantine. For the most part that has been okay with me. Though when the situation arises that I need to be outgoing and social I can, but I would rather be at home.

In the last seven months I can count on one hand the times we were able to see family. Now that the weather is getting colder it is going to be a lot harder for us all to get together. Which is unfair, depressing, and just sad.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to see family we have not seen in over a year. My little brother got married to the love of his life and ALL 6 of my siblings, their spouses, my parents and our niece and nephew were together in one room. For the first time ever. It was overwhelming. It was wonderful. It was emotional.

Leading up to the wedding my husband and I debated over and over again if we were going to be able to participate in the wedding. We were worried about the amount of variables that we could not control and if we would be able to properly protect Zoe. Long story short we decided that we would regret not going more than staying home. So we made sure we wore masks, kept our distance from the variables we couldn’t control and to have a fabulous time. Michael was a groomsman and Zoe was the flower girl.

We made the arrangements for after the wedding to self quarantine just in case we were exposed to anything. I can say with confidence that participating, celebrating, and being there for my little brother and his new wife was by far the best decision we made for ourselves and I am glad we went. (Though our decision was made that doesn’t mean the anxiety was gone, but at least once we made the choice to go we made a choice . Something that is half the battle for someone fighting with anxiety.

A few aspects of the weekend that meant the most to me were not even planned events. After the rehearsal dinner a couple of my siblings asked if they could come back to our house, and we said yes. After we got home we got a text saying that my entire family was on their way from the venue and would be arriving shortly. Haha and to brace for impact.

Something you need to know about my family is that there are a lot of us, and we are loud. I have four brothers and two sisters. We are an overwhelming group if you aren’t ready for us, and even then you may still need some ibuprofen when you leave us. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Michael and I walked through this house back in June, one of the first things we noted was that we could easily fit either of our big extended families into the living space and we could host everyone for the first time ever. (Living in a little apartment for the last 8 years has made that pretty much impossible.) We also knew that our house would become the “Halfway” point between the family that lived north of us, and those who lived south of us.

Needless to say when we had every single one of my siblings, my brother in law, my sister in laws, our niece and nephew running around with Zoe, and my parents under one roof, OUR roof, it was a warm overwhelming opportunity we didn’t know we would have this weekend. It was amazing.

It was an emotional weekend all the way through. Watching my little brother get married, watching my baby girl walk down the aisle as a flower girl and hurl lavender petals at said little brother, watching my parents win the “How long have you been married” dance off at the reception, seeing all of my siblings on the dance floor together, watching my niece and daughter run and play until they both passed out, having everyone together, and everyone was healthy. It wasn’t for a funeral. It wasn’t because someone was in the ICU fighting for their life. We were together, for a celebration. 

Moments like the ones we experienced this past weekend are ones that we will always look back at and smile. 

We may not always get along. Sometimes we are going to fight and get on each other’s nerves, but at the end of the day, I know that anyone of these good lookin’ rugrats would not hesitate to stand up for me, and throw hands if that’s what it took to keep me safe. They is my family. 

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