We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt!

Well, I never got to that cute Halloween blog post I was going to write. I was going to share our fun idea for how we celebrated with close friends in a social distancing manner and how amazing it was to watch our 2 year old go “ghost hunting” through their house.

I was going to write about how my boss’ family and my family made WAY too many tissue candy ghosts and hid them all over the house. We sent the kids upstairs and hid tiny little ghosts all over their house in the slowest possible manner to enjoy the quiet calm before the sugar high storm.

Parents enjoyed some adult beverages, and after about 45 minutes of us “hiding ghosts” we finally got a call from one miss Gabby Gabby from upstairs, asking if we were ready. So we let them come downstairs and go sprinting through the house squealing with excitement when another ghost was found. It was amazing. Michael, Zoe and I dressed up as characters from Toy Story 4. My boss’ kiddos helped me decided what we were going to be. Zoe was Bo Peep, Michael was Bunny, and I was Ducky!

It was so much fun pretending even for an evening that life was normal and all was well with the world.

So this is my way late post sharing what we did for Halloween. We used coffee filters, and Zoe’s old little rubber band hair ties to seal a couple pieces of candy in the Ghosty fabric. Then drew some shocked faces on them just for fun. My friend made hers using face tissue which I highly recommend over the coffee filter route. She said it was way easier to tie them closed, and it was super easy for the kiddos to tare them open to get to the goodies.

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