Your worth is not measured in how clean your house is or in completed loads of laundry. . . and thank goodness for that!

Sarah Lee

This is me. . .

Hopefully we will be better.

Balancing a career, motherhood, my marriage, a home, friendships, family, events, and normal day to day chaos during a global pandemic has not been easy. -Understatement of the century.

Toddler Learning Toys

Well it happened. My baby girl turned two at the end of August. Yep. We have a toddler now. How in the world is that possible? Yesterday we were praying and begging God to let us please keep this pregnancy, and now that little heartbeat and blob on an ultrasound is two years old. We … Continue reading Toddler Learning Toys

You are not alone.

My house is a mess. She is still in pajamas. My anxiety is high. Life is hard. Humans can really suck. Being a full time, working from home / work hybrid, toddler mom, during a global pandemic, while the world is literally on fire, and families are S.T.R.U.G.G.L.I.N.G is well….F*ing exhausting.  . . . But … Continue reading You are not alone.

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