Your worth is not measured in how clean your house is or in completed loads of laundry. . . and thank goodness for that!

Sarah Lee

This is me. . .

They Is My Family.

We have not done much of anything with friends and family since the end of February. We managed to sneak a San Antonio trip in the middle of February and as soon as we got home we started quarantine. For the most part that has been okay with me. Though when the situation arises that … Continue reading They Is My Family.

We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt!

Well, I never got to that cute Halloween blog post I was going to write. I was going to share our fun idea for how we celebrated with close friends in a social distancing manner and how amazing it was to watch our 2 year old go “ghost hunting” through their house.

Maui Lee

This beautiful fur baby Maui, does not get enough credit around here. We got her as a tiny puppy shortly after we had lost our first baby because, well, that shit is hard to navigate and I was lost and broken and needed something to love. In addition to several weeks of counseling, we bought … Continue reading Maui Lee

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